1. Dynamic analysis and evaluation of the modernized supporting structure for fans of air coolers in the gas compressor station in Husów near Łańcut. Calculation of the natural period of vibrations and performing dynamic and strength calculations of the spatial frame structure.
  2. Analysis of the structure of an office building after a fire for METAL-CARO-PLAST in Sierpc.
  3. Research works on the compressive strength of concrete and determination of the relationship between the compressive strength and the number of bruises in the sclerometric method. Determination of the relationship between the rebound number and the compressive strength of core samples.
  4. Testing the content of chlorides and sulphates in the lining of an industrial chimney with a height of 66 m operated at the Hydrogen Sulphide Utilization Installation at the premises of PKN ORLEN S.A. in Płock. – laboratory tests
  5. Testing the thickness of paint coatings on the shaft of the steel chimney at the Hydrogen Sulphide Utilization Installation at the premises of PKN ORLEN S.A. in Płock. – measurements using the climbing technique and interpretation of the developed results.
  6. Testing the frost resistance and water absorption of concrete of the S2 tray, on which the R14110 tank is placed, at SOLVAY POLAND Sp. z o.o. in Włocławek. – destructive laboratory tests
  7. Tensile strength tests of steel, measurements of hardness and determination of mechanical properties of steel, measurements of the thickness of paint coatings for the FUNDAMENTAL GROUP – laboratory destructive tests.
  8. Calculations of thin-walled Z and C type sections for the BUDMAT company for the purposes of supporting engineering design. Calculations of the capacity of the cross-section considering the static diagram and the strength of the steel used in the span and support zones.
  9. Calculations of trapezoidal sheets for the BUDMAT company – load capacity tables based on Eurocode 3 – two editions. The tables were developed for various trapezoidal sheet settings, static diagram and allowable deflections.


  1. Technical expertise of the foundation and mounting of the wind turbine generator after a failure near Bodzanów. Strength tests of concrete and foundation anchors and calculations verifying the anchorages of the wind turbine.
  2. Technical expertise of the supporting structure of the SFZ rolling mill building at the Michalin Plant in Olsztyn.
  3. Technical expertise of a seven-storey residential building in Stockholm at Fjädholmsgränd Street in terms of the possibility of adding 3 storeys and the development of a comparative analysis for the remaining five buildings.
    The scope of works included the expertise of residential buildings constructed in the 1960s in monolithic reinforced concrete technology. During the on-site visit, samples of concrete and aerated concrete were collected for destructive tests, which allowed to determine the class of concrete used in the objects and to determine the extent of concrete carbonation. The scope of research at the facilities also included non-destructive sclerometric tests in all buildings. The analysed residential buildings were erected on rocky ground in an area characterized by a significant decline even by one storey.
  4. Technical expertise of a service and residential building at Piekarska 9 Street in Płock in connection with a deep excavation slope landslide
  5. Technical expertise of the engine room building after a sudden collapse of foundations in ZESPÓŁ ELEKTROWNI OSTROŁĘKA S.A.
  6. Technical opinion on wall reinforcements in potentially explosive rooms for KORCHEMIA, which produces solvents. Calculations were made on the basis of American standards.
  7. Technical expertise of a steel footbridge over the Narew River in the OSTROŁĘKA S.A. Power Plant Complex
  8. Technical expertise and a project to increase the load capacity of the bridge and the crane bed from 5 t to 10 t in the Electric Workshop in ZESPÓŁ ELEKTROWNI OSTROŁĘKA S.A.
  9. Technical expertise and repair proposals for a reinforced concrete silo battery in the Dobroszyce Block near Radomsko
  10. Technical expertise of the historic tenement house of the Wedding Palace in Płock
  11. Technical expertise and renovation project of the historic building of the Orthodox Parish in Płock
  12. Technical expertise of reinforced concrete chimneys with a height of 60m and 52m in Siedlce and Płock, together with an assessment of the possibility of mounting antennas on the shaft (for HIMLAINE)
  13. Technical expertise of the building after a fire (commercial and service building in Płock)
  14. Expertise and repair design of the heat pipeline supports over the A2 road in Kutno after failure.
  15. Expertise of discharge gas flares at PKN ORLEN.
  16. Verification and opinion on dynamic calculations of foundations for pumping units located on the premises of PKN ORLEN.
  17. Expertise of the scaffolding installed in the drying tower at Zakład Mleczarski in Raciąż.
  18. Technical expertise of a tenement house located at Stary Rynek 19 Street in Płock.
  19. Expertise of two production halls of M.S. STEEL s.c. in Brochocinko after a fire.
  20. Expertise of two tanks with floating roofs with a capacity of 10 thousand m3 in Nowa Wieś Wielka.
  21. Expertise of a chimney in a lattice casing with a height of approximately 25 m at the CEDROB plant in Ciechanów at Płocka 5 Street.
  22. Technical expertise of a steel chimney in a 66 m high mesh casing at the Hydrogen Sulphide Utilization Installation at the Polish Oil Concern ORLEN S.A. in Płock.
  23. Technical expertise of the S2 tray foundation, on which the R14110 tank is placed, is located on the premises of SOLVAY POLAND Sp. z o.o. in Włocławek.
  24. Analysis of measurements and tests of settlement of block foundations for BOG/BOG compressors located in GAZOPORT ŚWINOUJŚCIE.
  25. Analysis of the existing facilities at the ALBEA POLAND plant located in Łubna in terms of applicable construction law and fire regulations.
  26. Technical expertise confirming the compliance of the execution of steel structures with the detailed design of the building “Exhibition centre for the construction industry and interior design located on the premises of the former FSO plants in Warsaw at Modlińska 4 Street".
  27. Expertise on how to repair a reinforced concrete structure in the FLORA facility in Warsaw.
  28. Technical expertise of the kitchen building in the Provincial Complex Hospital in Płock.