All personal data at WEKTOR-P Kowalscy Sp.j. are processed in connection with the conducted business activity, in compliance with the rules provided for by law:

  1. in each case, there is at least one of the legal grounds for data processing;
  2. data are processed fairly and transparently;
  3. personal data are collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner inconsistent with these purposes;
  4. personal data are processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of data processing;
  5. personal data are correct and updated as necessary;
  6. data storage time is limited to the period of its usefulness for the purposes for which they were collected, and after this period they are archived or deleted;
  7. the information obligation is performed towards the data subject;
  8. data are protected against violations of the rules of their protection.

Personal data are processed in particular on the basis of the provisions of the GDPR Article 6 (1), points:

  1. processing based on the consent of the data subject (including, through an unambiguous, confirming action, which expresses the voluntary, informed and unambiguous consent of that person relating to a specific situation, e.g. checking a box);
  2. if processing is necessary for the performance of an agreement to which the data subject is party, or to act at the request of the data subject prior to entering into an agreement (e.g. submitting offers, concluding contracts);
  3. when it is necessary to fulfil the legal obligation incumbent on WEKTOR-P Kowalscy Sp.j. (e.g. as an employer);
  4. processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by WEKTOR-P Kowalscy Sp.j. (e.g. direct marketing, or contact with a person who is a client of WEKTOR-P Kowalscy Sp.j., or acting for the benefit of the client).

In all matters related to the processing of personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointed by  WEKTOR-P Kowalscy Sp.j. – email:

Links to documents containing information on the processing and protection of personal data: